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What to expect

Safety First!
In Atlantic Explorers we take safety very seriously.

We start our expeditions going over the safety routines and practices we put in place. We expect our crew to follow our safety rules and will not tolerate it they don’t. Some of the basics include:

  • Wearing lifejackets boat all the time, by default.
  • Following the ‘standing orders,’ or when to wake the skipper.
  • Paying attention belowdecks, where statistically you’re more likely to get hurt!
  • Understanding where all thru-hulls and fire extinguishers are down below.


Not allowed during our Sailing Expeditions:

Smoking onboard, drinking alcohol underway, taking drugs, yelling.


What to expect onboard
We want your feel at home during your stay.

Expect a smile and please answer with a smile. If you don´t know, please ask.

We really appreciate a positive environment onboard.


This is not a charter

We expect from all participants their engagement with all the running tasks of a vessel such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Participation in wacht system
  • Cooking
  • Participation in the passage plan
  • Navigating
  • Hand-steering

The key to a successful passage is teamwork. Remember that we´ll be sharing a small room for days and we all need to be (more) flexible than usual.


You will get your own single bunk.
When you sleep, most all your stuff will be stored outside of your sea bag in the storage locker, as there is no storage for a seabag on the floor or in the vee-berth. Keep this in mind when packing.

We like to eat healthy food, made as much from natural. We like to buy locally and sustainable products.

We also like to fish underway. Probably we´ll eat one small tuna in one of the days.

Dinner is our family meal where everybody seats around the table to enjoy it.

Breakfast, lunch & snacks are on your own. We’ll share the washing-up duties and make a galley rotation before we leave port.

This is a Sailing Expedition so we need wind to go somewhere. Don’t expect motoring 20 hours to reach some port.

Sometimes you´ll feel wet and uncomfortable! Maybe we´ll find heavy weather, uncomfortable and possibly frightening conditions, seasickness, sleep deprivation and constant motion. This is Coastal and Offshore Sailing.

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