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What to expect

Safety first!

We take safety very seriously. All expeditions being with a safety briefing. Everything about life onboard and safety drills such as man overboard will be covered.

What we should know:

  • Lifejackets – we wear them all the time when sailing
  • Fire extinguisher
  • What to do and not to do during a sailing expedition
  • Belodechs – organization and cooking and safetu gear



We run dry sailing expeditions – no alcohol allowed underway. It is not allowed during any expedition to smoke onboard, taking drugs. Also not allowed to yell. We like good vibes onboard.

What to expect onboard

 First of all, let’s talk about yours and our expectations. Atlantic Explorers organizes sailing expeditions. Meaning that we need wind to sail somewhere and will not be motoring like 20 hours to reach some port. It is part of the game.

Yes, it is true you may feel at some point wet and uncomfortable. Sometimes there is harsher weather, that frightens some less experienced participants and causes seasickness. At some point you will most probably feel sleep deprivation and fatigue because of the constant sea motion. But well, that just means that you are sailing.

We really appreciate a positive environment onboard that makes you fee welcome and ideally, at home during your stay. So please expect a smile and answer with a smile, too. Have you heard about mirror-neurons?

If something is troubling you at any time, so not delay that feedback, please say so right away.

Very importantly, these are not charter expeditions. Participants are expected to be engaged with all the running tasks of the vessel. Meaning that you are required to assist the planning of the passage, all the navigation chores, including the night watch shifts or even hand-steering, and of course, clean and cook along with the others.

So, there are a lot of teamworkskills to be practiced. Indeed, the key to a successful passage is the notion that sharing a small space for days requires everyone to join efforts and be (more) flexible than usual.

Below decks expect to get your own single bunk. This is a place that you get not to share! However, keep in mind when packing, that when you sleep, most all your stuff will be stored outside of your sea bag in the storage locker. There is no storage for a seabag on the floor or in the vee-berth. Don’t forget.

At last, one of our favourite parts: Meals!
Expect light but healthy foods, made as much from natural non-processed items. We like to buy local, sustainable products and will do so whenever we can.  Also, sometimes we fish underway, sometimes we don’t. So maybe we get to eat one small tuna along the way.

The schedule is flexible but while breakfast, lunch & snacks are on your own, dinner is considered to be our family meal. Everybody seats around the table together, sure you will enjoy it!

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