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Passage 30NM from Faro do the Guadiana


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We provide sailing adventures at sea that everyone can join, no matter your previous sailing experience.

Loads of Day Skipper Schools but no one is doing Offshore Experiences

People were learning to sail with the dream of heading off to distant shores, sailing through island chains or crossing an ocean – but then finding that the training and experience they had signed up to hadn’t really delivered the skills and experience they needed. Sailing schools could teach the core skills and this first step was well served by the industry. But what then? A flotilla holiday can only provide so much and ultimately, most sailors have that yearning to head off to more exciting shores, experience the open ocean and arrive at a little visited island or drop anchor in a deserted bay. How and where could this be done? For too many people, the dream stopped right about here.

Training and fun all together.

On too many adventure holidays, you are really just a passenger on a glorified tour, protected from the difficult decisions and reality of true expeditions. With Atlantic Explorers, you are an integral part of the operation from the very start, even if you have never sailed before.

What this means in practice is that not only are you in great hands out there on the open ocean, but you can be absolutely assured that you are not going to be shouted at or have anyone even raise their voice at you. Instead expect top quality tuition and a superb time at sea under the guidance of a real professional.

Ricardo Barradas


YM Ocean / YM Instructor / Commercial Endorsement / Background PE Teacher

Ricardo Lopes

Skipper / First Mate

YM Ocean and Naval Architect

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