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Atlantic Explorers is Trademark® belonging to Non-Profit Organization (NPO) – Associação para o Estudo e Conservação dos Oceanos– that focuses primarily on raising awareness about environmental issues related to the oceans, promotes conservation actions and supports research projects related to all forms of marine life and conservation. Please visit our website for more information –


We strongly believe that bringing people closer to the sea, is the most effective way to trigger individual action against the current threats challenging our oceans.

Our proposal is therefore, to provide engaging and inclusive sea adventures that provide useful sailing skills to all participants, even those with no previous experience, inspiring you to become a thalassophile. From the Greek – Lover of the sea.

Our sailing expeditions are carefully planned to provide valid sea experiences that meet each participants’ individual learning ambitions. So, you become part of the crew, either you aim for a first sailing baptism, to increase your nautical miles with an offshore sail, or improve your skills further because you feel your previous training failed to provide you with the experience you need to set sail autonomously or even amongst a flotilla in a paradisiac holiday destiny.

To guarantee that you feel comfortable and have the necessary time and space to fulfil your personal agenda, not just another passenger aboard, we limit all expeditions to a maximum of 4 participants.

Atlantic Explorers’ team presents solid background training and sea experience that will keep you safe and confident enough to head for unknown seas. We also encourage our members to develop those special softskills that make the difference under challenging conditions. No matter its size, a boat might seem never big enough during sea crossings.  And when you get tired to land, we know that only an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide will be able to inspire you to discover the b side in each new port and anchorage.

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Ricardo Barradas Skipper

Ricardo Barradas


YM Ocean / YM Instructor / Commercial Endorsement / Background PE Teacher

Ricardo Lopes Skipper

Ricardo Lopes

Skipper / First Mate

YM Ocean and Naval Architect


Paulo Mestre


Paulo has loads of expertise in boats and he makes sure Blue Swan is in good shape..

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