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Most solo travellers aren’t lacking company. Travelling solo can be one of the most exciting ways to travel, since, by loosening yourself from your travelling companion, you end opening up and connecting to more and different people. Curiously, it can also be a liberating, eye-opening experience, because this challenging new setting triggers an approach motivation to new experiences, resulting in an incredible personal enrichment, no matter what your age is.

While joining our expeditions you will be able to become part of the crew, the other participants will be your co-travellers, but still enjoy the practical perks to solo travel.

Onboard, enjoy the downtime to catch up some inner reflections, to read peacefully without Wi-Fi connections. Whenever we reach a port? Do what you want, when you want. Have your own schedule to explore land, feel free to meet locals and other travellers, marinas are full of interesting people eager to meet you.

So, either bringing someone along or not, join our crew and welcome aboard!

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