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Sailing Expeditions in the Med and Atlantic

Our Sailing Expeditions! Which one is yours?

Sailing Expeditions and Sailing Adventures from 5 to 16 days

Marroco | Portugal | Spain

Explore the seven seas sailing in style on a Swan 411

Sailing Expedition Balearics 16 days

Balearics Sailing Expedition

€2500 / per person
After crossing the strait well be heading to Cabo de Gata and after that to Cabo de Palos where we will cross to Formentera and Ibiza.
16 days
5 days / 4 nights
Set sail and cross the Golf of Cadiz and landfall in one of the most historical cities in Spain and Europe.
5 days
Sailing Expedition Balearics 8 days / 7 nights

Morocco Sailing Expedition

€1350 / per person
The passage to Ceuta is short but challenging. Crossing the Strait is unique. Ceuta and / or Tanger will be options to cross the Strait.
8 days
5 days
Smuggling coffee and cigarettes was part of the local during the Spanish Civil war.
5 days
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