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Sailing to Cadiz

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Sailing Expedition to Cadiz

Sailing Expedition to Cadiz fully booked

We have now 2 trips to Cadiz to enjoy the sun and a good breeze in the Golf of Cadiz. We´ll have the opportunity to experience a night sail and to fish some tunas for lunch.

Those to trips are fully booked but now we have our third trip to Cadiz of the season confirmed to September.

This is an exceptional way to enjoy the sun and sail on a fantastic sailing ground. Landfall in Cadiz and Rota is gives you the perfect balance between a great passage and amazing tapas restaurantes and cultural heritage to learn.

Book you private cabin and enjoy a comfortable sailing expedition. After all sailing can be exclusive and you don’t need to share a cabin with someone else you even don’t know.



  • Luís Gonçalves
    July 12, 2019

    Awesome sailing experience!!! Something to repeat for sure 🙂

    The trip to the Gulf of Cadiz went really well, we caught some nice winds. Managed some good close-hauled sailing, with nice speeds. The weather was friendly to us. The boat is big and nitely clean.

    Saw some dolphins along the way, which is always something that elevates our spirit.

    Seeing a full moon rising, from the sea, on the horizon is indeed very beautiful… a redish rising from the darkness. And with the clear sky that we had, we could also see the stars and constellations pretty well. Something to enjoy and contemplate.

    The town of Rota (Spain) is pretty, with some good historical places to check out. The food is great, some good “tapas”. The beaches along the gulf are really nice too.

    In the way back with did a quick pit stop in Punta Umbria (Spain) for the night, then we sailed to Vila Real de Santo António (Portugal). There we did some sightseeing and enjoyed a good time.

    This was all thanks to Ricardo Barradas… el Capitan. The great skipper, with a really good knowledge and experience! Also, a really nice guy to be around and have fun.
    And if you have sailing experience you can always give a personal contribution and help out with the trip 😉

    Unfortunately we didn’t catch any tuna 🙁 maybe next time. But we did catch a “strange fish” with wings lol but we released him, no worries 😛

    Until next time… hopefuly sometime soon 😀


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