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where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean

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Landfall in another continent and explore the local markets in Ceuta and Tanger. Try the typical couscous and relax a couple days before crossing the strait of Gibraltar.

Learn about the importance of Ceuta in the past and the different occupation that this territory experienced.

The conquest of Ceuta 1415

Having supported from the beginning the project of conquering Ceuta, which began to be prepared two years earlier, D. Nuno Álvares Pereira took part in the expedition and taking of Ceuta (1415), when he was 55 years old. Once they conquered the city, King Duarte asked Nuno to direct the construction of the defensive system of Ceuta, and he accepted. The conquest of Ceuta marked the beginning of the Portuguese maritime expansion, which would be one of the most glorious pages of the History of Portugal.

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