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Cartagena is a historic highlight of Spain!

Situated in the southeastern of Spain, in the province of Murcia, the town may be relatively small, but it is home to twelve museums, ten buildings of interest, four churches and several beautiful monuments. Cartagena also has one of the most fascinating histories in all of Spain, being inhabited by a number of great civilisations and cultures.

The surroundings of Cartage’s port is fantastic. 10 minutes walk to reach the city center and explore the main attractions. We strongly recommend you to visit the Roman village and enjoy a tapa at “LA FUENTE” – a local taverna which speciality is little anchovies.

Roman Theatre in Cartagena Pensador in Cartagena harbour

The highlight of Cartagena is the roman theatre. Built between the fifth and first centuries BC, Cartagena’s theatre is a perfect example of Roman architecture. The theatre remained hidden for many centuries and was eventually rediscovered and restored. The museum is split into two parts – the first housing archaeological items found at the theatre and detailing the restoration project, and the second a guided tour of the site itself.

Before we leave the harbour make sure to find some time to visit the unique National Museum of Underwater Archeology>>. It shows an impressive display of ships and artifacts from the ancient Mediterranean maritime trade.





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