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Mile Building in tidal waters

For those ones looking to build up their miles persuading higher levels of training or just simply to have fun we are offering Mile Building programs on a historical sailing vessel. Come aboard with us and take the helm of the epic Swan 411. This faster cruiser/racer is ruined by a YM Ocean Skipper and our policy is to keep the number of crew low so we can guarantee a high quality of training / trip.

We also like to explore ashore and visit the authentic local places. Pizza, bread and cheese is not part of our menu.

We believe that using locals guides and buying local food we also contributes for a responsible and sustainable approach of this industry. When you join an expedition with us you know that you are contributing for the local economy on a responsible way.

Check our prices and compare to others. Now you know! Only good reasons to join one of our sailing holidays. A lifetime experience!

Mile Building in Atlantic waters!

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