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Sailing Expeditions 2020

Our Sailing Expeditions are simply the best. Unforgetable sailing adventures!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail in one of the most remarkable sailing grounds on Earth, surrounded by beautiful mountains, wildlife such as killer whales and tunas and a challenging TSS enroute. This if our suggestion for our Sailing Expeditions in 2020.

Far from being your everyday experience, the picturesque sceneries are unparalleled. Whether in the sunny Algarve, the historic Cadiz (ancient Gades), overlooking amazing Strait of Gibraltar or scouting for wildlife in the shallows of Barbate, the Gulf of Cadiz spectacular landscape leaves everyone speechless.

On an expedition we’ve got ambitious sailing plans and we take advantage of the northerly  and SW prevalent winds on the south of Portugal


Explore the Guadiana river joining our smugllers route>>. If you have more than fivce days try our Tuna Route>> and landfall in Rota and Cadiz. Take some time to explore both cities. Our sailing expeditions are much more than sailing. Underway we’ll stop and use small boats for discovering the area and also, hike mountains on land and, find local places and historic cities.

From 2020 we sail all our expeditions with our magnific Nautor Swan 411R “Blue Swan”. She is a fast cruiser, built for safe adventures in worldwide. The boat is comfortable, very well equipped and gives us much freedom and flexibility.

We run extra small groups expeditions – maximum 3/4 crew.

Welcome onboard for an exclusive trip to places and areas very few others get to experience.

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