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The Lower Guadiana marks the border between Portugal and Spain. Navigable between the mouth and Mértola, it was an important waterway, notably to transport the ore exploited in the mines of S. Domingos, from Roman times

The Tuna Meca! Exploitation of tuna traps was a genuine social and economic revolution in Barbate and Zahara, which has been reflected in many buildings for economic use of this resource. Tuna, since antiquity was really appreciated all over the Mediterranean.Fished for the Phoenicians, prepared it, put it in jars and it were taken to Carthage. So the Strait was chosen almost three thousand years in order to set up its factories and industrialized the tuna fishing. It was at that time when the first cities were founded in the

General information The Strait(s) of Gibraltar is the narrow body of water between the southern tip of Spain/British Overseas territory of Gibraltar and the northern coast of Morocco.  It is approximately 12 kms wide at its narrowest point. It is tempting to say that the British control the straits but I suspect that this is not correct or at least not complete. Each country that controls a piece of land also has rights to the ocean surrounding that land. In the case of the straits of Gibraltar, the majority of

Officially established in 1987, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is one of Europe's most important wetland areas covering 18,400 hectares and encompassing a barrier island system stretching 60 km between Ancão and Manta Rota in the eastern Algarve. Essentially it is a lagoon separated from the sea by a coastal dune system and an important wintering ground for birds from northern and central Europe, as well as being an important stopover for migrant birds flying between northern Europe and Africa. It is also a place of refuge for rare Portuguese

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